• Thermostatic valves
    The purpose of a thermostatic valve is to shift a valve's lifter - which is generated in a thermostatic head – on a suitable position in order to cause a shift of heating factor flow through the valve.
  • Thermostatic heads
    Thermostatic heads made by Vario Term Sp. Z o.o. are very reliable, solid and modern-designed. We offer 5-year warranty on thermostatic heads.

Producent armatury grzejnikowej z Warszawy – Vario Term

Our offer

We offer heating fittings with Mera Term logo, fully equipped thermostatic sets for radiators and wide variety of thermostatic heads and valves manufactured by our company

Targi ISH 2017


Zapraszamy do naszego stoiska na targach ISH 2017 we Frankfurcie.


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Zestawy maskujące

W związku z bardzo dużym zainteresowaniem naszymi elementami maskującymi do podłączenia grzejników dekoracyjnych wprowadzamy nową linię produktów - zestawy maskujące.

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New products 2013

DN15 thermostatic valve, angle or straight. It allows limiting the range of temperature (7 initial sets and full flow). Mounting thread M30x1,5.



We offer 3 types of installations sets:

  • Economical
  • Elegant
  • Exclusive

The management system implemented in Vario Term to production functions according to ISO 9001:2008 and is certified by a SGS certificate. We offer 3-year warranty on our installation sets.

Głowice termostatyczne

A thermostatic head is a measuring and regulating element of a radiator thermostat.

When connected to thermostatic a radiator valve, it is a cost-effective and efficient temperature regulator.

Passport to Export program

Vario Term participates in the EU "Passport to Export" program. The aim is to strengthen the activities of the Polish economy through the promotion of Poland as an attractive business partner and place with valuable business contacts opportunities, as well as increasing size of Polish export and an increase of entrepreneurs engaged in export activity.




Prestige thermostatic head recommended for Good Design 2014 Award

Our Prestige thermostatic head GS.02-7C (graphite structure) was nominated in a group of dozens of top quality products.