Category: ALL IN ONE
Created by: Anna Chada

Thermostatic set complete "Axi Elegant", axial version. Internal thread ½" / external thread ½".

Included in the set: 1 x "Prestige" thermostatic head, 1 x axial thermostatic valve, 1 x angle shut-off valve, 2 x single masking rosette, 2 x masking sleeve, 2 x adapters/couplings on PEX or Cu.

When ordering at the end of the catalog number add (PEX) or (Cu), example: AEAXIGS0203C (PEX).

White - Chrome AEAXIGS0201C  276 zł
Satin AEAXIGS0203C  371 zł
Gold AEAXIGS0204C  318 zł
Structural graphite  AEAXIGS0205C  318 zł
White AEAXIGS0206C  276 zł
Glossy anthracite/graphite  AEAXIGS0207C  318 zł
Nickel-grinded -  -
Sand structural  AEAXIGS0209C  318 zł
Dark sand structural AEAXIGS0210C  318 zł
Antique brass  AEAXIGS0211C 371 zł
Metallic graphite   AEAXIGS0212C  318 zł
Glossy black AEAXIGS0213C  318 zł
Structural black  AEAXIGS0214C  318 zł
Dark structural graphite  AEAXIGS0215C  318 zł
Structural maroon AEAXIGS0216C  318 zł
Gray metallic  AEAXIGS0217C  318 zł
Granite AEAXIGS0218C  318 zł
Structural white AEAXIGS0219C  318 zł
Matt white AEAXIGS0221C  318 zł
Matt black AEAXIGS0224C  318 zł




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