Category: Elegant
Created by: Anna Chada

ELEGANT installation set, for bathroom radiators, straight or angular. Straight or angular thermostatic valve, straight or angular lockshield valve, PRESTIGE thermostatic head. It is possible to select the valve thread adapted for PEX connect fittings (when ordering, add at the end of the catalogue number “(PEX)” - example: ELGS0201C/FK(PEX))

White – Chrome

ELGSO201C/FK, ELGSO201C/FP 169 zł


ELGSO203C/FK, ELGSO203C/FP 236 zł
Gold ELGSO204C/FK, ELGSO204C/FP 196 zł
Structural graphite ELGSO205C/FK, ELGSO205C/FP 196 zł
White ELGSO206C/FK, ELGSO206C/FP 166 zł
Glossy anthracite/graphite ELGSO207C/FK, ELGSO207C/FP 196 zł
Nickel-grinded ELGSO208C/FK, ELGSO208C/FP 236 zł
Sand structural  ELGSO209C/FK, ELGSO209C/FP 196 zł
Dark sand structural ELGSO210C/FK, ELGSO210C/FP  196 zł
Antique brass  ELGSO211C/FK, ELGSO211C/FP 236 zł
Metallic graphite ELGSO212C/FK, ELGSO212C/FP 196 zł
Glossy black ELGSO213C/FK, ELGSO213C/FP 196 zł
Structural black  ELGSO214C/FK, ELGSO214C/FP 196 zł
Dark structural graphite ELGSO215C/FK, ELGSO215C/FP 196 zł
Structural maroon ELGSO216C/FK, ELGSO216C/FP 196 zł
Gray metallic ELGSO217C/FK, ELGSO217C/FP 196 zł
Granite ELGSO218C/FK, ELGSO218C/FP 196 zł
Structural white ELGSO219C/FK, ELGSO219C/FP 196 zł


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