Created by: Anna Chada

SF thermostatic valve, straight or angular, with initial setting, assembly thread M30x1,5


000M752A002 Nickel 45 zł
000M752A003 Satin 135 zł
000M752A004 Gold 105 zł
000M752A005 Structural graphite 105 zł
000M752A006 White 85 zł
000M752A007 Glossy anthracite/graphite  105 zł
000M752A008 Nickel-grinded -
000M752A009 Sand structural  105 zł
000M752A011 Antique brass  135 zł
000M752A012 Metallic graphite 105 zł
000M752A013 Glossy black 105 zł
000M752A014 Structural black  105 zł
000M752A015 Dark structural graphite 105 zł
000M752A016 Structural maroon 105 zł
000M752A017 Gray metallic  105 zł
000M752A018 Granite 105 zł

*Catalogue number for the “angular” version. „Straight” version: 000M751A0#colour


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