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GS.05, GS.06, GS.07
Thermostatic head meets requirements of EN 215



8°C – 30°C *
(16°C - 30°C)

Max. external temperature  50°C
Closure time 24 min.
Pressure difference impact < < 0,2 K
Hysteresis 0,3K

Heating factor temperature

< 0,5 K

*) the temperature range regulation can be limited on customer’s request according to values on setting scale. The customer can also apply it independently. In order to do so, you should screw out a blocking spare split pin with a small screw driver on set no. 6, which is situated in a slot no. 0 and place it in another slot, for example no. 6 for maximum temperature of 28°C, etc. To decrease minimum temperature in a room to 16°C, you should place a blocking split pin in a slot no. 2 and set the head on no. 2.


“Plus” thermostatic head is a heater-type temperature regulator with a modern and ergonomic shape. It allows keeping warm a room taking into account additional heat sources such as: warmth from people, lightning and unlight.

This thermostatic head, thanks to its construction, guarantees keeping cleanness which makes it irreplaceable in hospitals’, schools’ and sanatoria’s rooms.


  • Built-in reliable fluid sensor
  • Regulating knob with digital marking
  • Protection from freezing function ( 8°C on * setting) 
  • Base made of high quality plastic, adjusted to work in higher temperature
  • Nice-looking main body and knob made of white ABS plastic 
  • Possibility of limiting minimum as well as maximum temperature

Scale on regulating knob

The management system implemented in Vario Term to production of thermostatic heads functions according to ISO 9001:2000 and is certified by a SGS certificate. We offer a 3 year warranty on thermostatic heads.

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