Category: Elegant
Created by: Anna Chada

SWING regulation set is designed for decorative and bathroom radiators, in a double-pipe system to be assembled on the supply side. External thread ½” / internal thread ½”. The regulating valve adjusts the amount of water flowing into the radiator. By increasing the amount of hot water supplied to the radiator the valve raises the temperature in the room, and by reducing it lowers the temperature.

Colour Type (angular / straight) Price
Chrome ZIS02/FK, ZIS02/FP 139 zł
Satin ZIS03/FK, ZIS03/FP 214 zł
Gold ZIS04/FK, ZIS04/FP 172 zł
Structural graphite ZIS05/FK, ZIS05/FP 171 zł
White ZIS06/FK, ZIS06/FP 139 zł
Glossy anthracite / Graphite ZIS07/FK, ZIS07/FP 171 zł
Nickel-grinded  ZIS08/FK, ZIS08/FP 214 zł
Sand struktural ZIS09/FK, ZIS09/FP 171 zł
Dark sand struktural ZIS10/FK, ZIS10/FP 171 zł
Antique brass ZIS11/FK, ZIS11/FP 214 zł
Metallic graphite ZIS12/FK, ZIS12/FP 171 zł
Glossy black ZIS13/FK, ZIS13/FP 171 zł
Structural black ZIS14/FK, ZIS14/FP 171 zł
Dark structural graphite ZIS15/FK, ZIS15/FP 171 zł
Structural maroon ZIS16/FK, ZIS16/FP 171 zł
Gray metallic ZIS17/FK, ZIS17/FP 171 zł
Granite ZIS18/FK, ZIS18/FP 171 zł
Structural white ZIS19/FK, ZIS19/FP 171 zł
Matt white ZIS21/FK, ZIS21/FP 171 zł
Matt black ZIS24/FK, ZIS24/FP 171 zł


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