Category: ALL IN ONE
Created by: Anna Chada

Thermostatic set complete „Master”, axial left or right. Internal thread ½" / external thread ½".

Included in the set: 1 x "Prestige" thermostatic head, 1 x axial thermostatic valve, 1 x angle shut-off valve, 2 x single masking rosette, 2 x masking sleeve, 2 x adapters/couplings on PEX or Cu.

When ordering at the end of the catalog number add (PEX) or (Cu), example: AEMAGS0201CFK/L(PEX).


Colour Type (angular, left / right) Price
White - Chrome AEMAGS0201CFK/L, AEMAGS0201CFK/P 301 zł
Gold AEMAGS0204CFK/L, AEMAGS0204CFK/P 329 zł
Structural graphite  AEMAGS0205CFK/L, AEMAGS0205CFK/P 329 zł
White AEMAGS0206CFK/L, AEMAGS0206CFK/P 297 zł
Gl. anthrac./graphite AEMAGS0207CFK/L, AEMAGS0207CFK/P 329 zł
Nickel-grinded - -
Sand structural  AEMAGS0209CFK/L, AEMAGS0209CFK/P 329 zł
Dark sand struct. AEMAGS0210CFK/L, AEMAGS0210CFK/P 329 zł
Antique brass  AEMAGS0211CFK/L, AEMAGS0211CFK/P 392 zł
Metallic graphite   AEMAGS0212CFK/L, AEMAGS0212CFK/P 329 zł
Glossy black AEMAGS0213CFK/L, AEMAGS0213CFK/P 329 zł
Structural black  AEMAGS0214CFK/L, AEMAGS0214CFK/P 329 zł
Dark str. graphite  AEMAGS0215CFK/L, AEMAGS0215CFK/P 329 zł
Structural maroon AEMAGS0216CFK/L, AEMAGS0216CFK/P 329 zł
Gray metallic  AEMAGS0217CFK/L, AEMAGS0217CFK/P 329 zł
Granite AEMAGS0218CFK/L, AEMAGS0218CFK/P 329 zł
Structural white AEMAGS0219CFK/L, AEMAGS0219CFK/P 329 zł
Matt white AEMAGS0221CFK/L, AEMAGS0221CFK/P 329 zł
Matt black AEMAGS0224CFK/L, AEMAGS0224CFK/P 329 zł




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