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Created by: Anna Chada

The VRC system is a mobile thermostat on a smartphone that allows remote control and temperature control in individual rooms of your home, flat or company.

In contrast to traditional thermostats, the VRC system allows you to program the temperature in individual rooms separately. It gives you the opportunity to lower the temperature in the rooms you are temporarily not using. In each of the rooms you can also define other setpoint temperatures: Lowered, Comfortable and Elevated.

Thanks to the PID algorithm in temperature control, we can achieve high accuracy in setting the room temperature. The VRC System software optimizes the operation of radiators for maximum comfort with a minimum of thermal energy consumption.

By installing the VRC system thermostatic valves on radiators, we can get a better use of thermal energy from the hot water supplied to the radiator. In addition, individually set heating times and temperature values ​​for each room reduce the amount of thermal energy consumed. Thanks to this, we can save up to 30% of the thermal energy used in the apartment.


The Vario Remote Control system allows you to set the temperature in each room separately. VRC thermostatic heads can be installed independently of the hot water supply to the radiator. The installation is simple and does not require draining water from the C.O network. You can also program the operation of heating devices in rooms at specific times for each day of the week. The package can be used to install additional devices from the VRC system.

The set includes a control panel, two heads and a temperature and humidity sensor.


White VRC06 1 400 zł




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