GM.03 (Vario’s standard)

Category: Classic
Created by: Anna Chada

CLASSIC thermostatic head (GM.03, GH.03) is a temperature regulator for radiators in a classic and technical shape.

Application of CLASSIC thermostatic heads series guarantees significant savings in energy consumption and limits household. Additionally, it is a very important appliance increasing everyday life comfort – it adjusts the temperature according to the needs and liking of the user.

CLASSIC thermostatic heads are designed to work with the majority of thermostatic valves used in old cast-iron radiators or modern plate radiators C-type (compact), as well as in modern plate radiators V-type (equipped with an insert).

000M628A004 GM.03 40 zł
000M628A014 (from 16°C) GPM.03  40 zł



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