Thermostatic head VRC

Category: System VRC
Created by: Anna Chada

The thermostatic head makes it possible to manage the temperature in each room separately. The head is adapted to be installed on standard valves with a thread for the M30x1,5 head supplying hot water to radiators. The head has a built-in temperature sensor and an actuator that opens or closes the water supply depending on the programmer settings. The head communicates via radio with the VRC control panel, which transmits to the head the set temperature from the programmer and / or the room temperature from the external sensor. Available in a different color.

Colour Catalog number Price
Structural graphite M643B001005 317 zł
White M643B001006 264 zł
Glossy anthracite / Graphite M643B001007 317 zł
Glossy black M643B001013 317 zł
Structural black M643B001014 317 zł



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