Category: Trendy
Created by: Anna Chada

TRENDY thermostatic head is a temperature regulator for radiators in a modern and ergonomic shape. It enables keeping rooms warm taking into account additional heat sources such as: warmth from people, lightning and sunlight.

This thermostatic head, thanks to its construction, guarantees keeping cleanness which makes it irreplaceable in hospitals’, schools’ and sanatoria’s rooms.


Designed for thermostatic valves by Vario Term, Heimeier and others (M30x1,5 connecting thread), inserts of Heimeier standard.



• Reliable built-in fluid sensor
• Regulating knob with digital marking
• Protection from freezing function (8°C on a setting marked with *)
• Base made of high quality plastic, adjusted to work in higher temperature
• Nice-looking main body and knob made of white ABS plastic
• Availability of limiting minimum as well as maximum temperature - see above



GS.05-106C 36 zł



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