GS.04 (RA standard, Click)

Category: Prestige
Created by: Anna Chada

PRESTIGE thermostatic head is a temperature regulator for radiators in a modern and ergonomic shape. It enables keeping rooms warm taking into account additional heat sources such as: warmth from people, lightning and sunlight.

This thermostatic head, thanks to its construction, guarantees keeping cleanness which makes it irreplaceable in hospital’s, school’s and sanatoria’s rooms.

The GS02 thermostatic head is designed to work with thermostatic valves • Vario Term type SFP i SFK • Heimeier • Honeywell series V100 i V2000 • Schlösser style Tec-Sets.


PRESTIGE thermostatic heads - catalog card


000M638A101 GS.04-101C White – Chrome 42 zł
000M638A102 GS.04-102C Chrome 80 zł
000M638A103 GS.04-103C Satin 85 zł
000M638A104 GS.04-104C Gold 85 zł
000M638A105 GS.04-105C Structural graphite  85 zł
000M638A106 GS.04-106C White 41 zł
000M638A107 GS.04-107C Glossy anthracite/graphite  85 zł
000M638A108 GS.04-108C Nickel-grinded 90 zł
000M638A109 GS.04-109C Sand structural  85 zł
000M638A110 GS.04-110C Dark sand structural 85 zł
000M638A111 GS.04-111C Antique brass  90 zł
000M638A112 GS.04-112C Metallic graphite   85 zł
000M638A113 GS.04-113C Glossy black 85 zł
000M638A114 GS.04-114C Structural black  85 zł
000M638A115 GS.04-115C Dark structural graphite  85 zł
000M638A116 GS.04-116C Structural maroon 85 zł
000M638A117 GS.04-117C Gray metallic  85 zł
000M638A118 GS.04-118C Granite 85 zł
000M638A119 GS.04-119C Structural white 85 zł



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